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Author: Clive Chafer

Naming Game: Clive Chafer interviewed by Robert Siegel on NPR’s All Things Considered

Robert Siegel talks with Clive Chafer, naming guru …

Link to audio at NPR.


Creating a company name, service descriptors, and a URL for a start-up.

In early 2008, Eric Taussig of Taussig Dennis Group approached Namebrand to help them name their start-up providing offshore administrative services, as well as two descriptive names for their initial service offerings. The company name had to embrace not only the planned first round of service offerings, but also future offerings whose scope would potentially be very broad. The name needed to sound professional, effective and reliable, as well as high-end and aspirational. Communication objectives included ideas such as empowerment, assurance and enhancement. Essentially, semantic meaning was not a crucial aspect of the name; more important were tonal quality and linguistic “feel”. We guided the client through several iterations of names, some with more transparent meaning than others. Gradually, a consensus emerged that a relatively abstract name was right for this company. Prialto was selected for its uplifting tonality and its ease of pronunciation and intuitive spelling by speakers of many languages. The company has been delighted by the name’s performance. Eric reports overwhelmingly positive responses by both clients and funders, and the company has thrived since its inception, despite the difficult economic situation. Go to www.prialto.com for more information on the company’s services.

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