Creating a name for GAIA Consulting’s internet based health service.

Mario Weiss and Johann Meyer-Christian of GAIA Consulting in Switzerland came to Namebrand to create a name for their online health service. Based on our briefings, creative directions discussed, key concepts, vocabulary, word parts, and language roots, we had two rounds of creative naming exploration. We created hundreds of names from which we selected the strongest candidates that most compellingly communicated appropriate messages as well as names that have suitable sound symbolism.

There were several content areas that could be covered and spread out our creative work to cover the most important messages. Vocabulary areas such as “evidence, analytical, and pragmatic” were counter balanced by terms such as “freedom, liberation, and ascend.”

We strove for content but also a sense of “technical.” Finally after the presentation Mario and Johann chose Deprexis based on the strong-sounding “-xis” ending combined with “depression” which was the main focus of the service.