We couldn’t say it more clearly

We Demystify the Naming Process

WeMakeNames is a no-nonsense naming agency. 

We use our combined 40+ years’ experience to guide you through the naming process and get you the great name you need. 

That’s what we’ve done for hundreds of clients: major companies like Volkswagen and GM, Intel and Apple, Nestlé and Armani; and many smaller and medium-sized companies, like Veza, Gaia AG, 21Holdings and ITT (Institute for Transformative Technologies). 

We work through agencies and directly with clients. We offer guidance, creative inspiration, and practical help with trademarking, domain names, and cultural screening.

In short, we give you everything you need to tell your story in a name.


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Our Purpose

We match creativity with feet-on-the-ground practicality. We are knowledgeable, skilful, and inventive.

The name is the bedrock of your brand. The foundation for everything you build into it. We’re here to help you shape its future.

You’ve done your homework. You’ve thought through your positioning, your strategy is taking shape. You may even have some language for your manifesto. But you still need that crucial component: the name. As we work together to understand what that name must say, what story it must tell, your essential brand idea will crystalize. Because the name is how you say what you stand for. You can’t move forward without it.